Featured Image: Ted to Dazaunggee: A Dialogue in Image, 2019, Ted Fullerton and Dazaunggee, Oil on Wood (2 Panels), 60 x 40 in per panel

Together in Spirit: Dialogue in Image

Dazaunggee & Ted Fullerton

October 1 – November 19, 2022*
*Virtual Gallery online until December 9, 2022

The Aurora Cultural Centre is pleased to present Together in Spirit: Dialogue in Image, a two-person exhibition with Dazaunggee and Ted Fullerton. The exhibition is on view from October 1 – November 19, 2022 at our temporary gallery.  

Dazaunggee and Ted Fullerton befriended each other in the early nineties based on their mutual respect and shared work in the arts. In 2018, the artists met again after years apart. Naturally conversing on themes such as colonial domination, oppression, aesthetic sensibilities, as well as their personal life experiences, the artists decided to continue their conversation in visual form. 

Each artist creates a statement in painting for the other, who responds reciprocally. In Together in Spirit: Dialogue in Image, pairs of paintings meet in truthful conversation and confession with each other.  The gallery serves as a safe space for ongoing discussion of honest and perhaps controversial topics at this current juncture in Canadian History: Original people, spirituality, expropriation of Indigenous land, cultural identity, shame, and language, and more.  

Alongside their paired pieces, each artist contributes several works from their independent practice. Through their individual lenses, we see the extension of thought and the continuity of themes from their collaborative works. Through their connection comes inspiration for experimentation and personal growth; through visual creation is an ongoing exploration and declaration for reconciliation. 

About the Artists:

As an aboriginal man, Dazaunggee feels the need to shed the image that was taught to him as a child – that he was undesirable, shameful, unworthy. As he expresses himself, he heals himself; the inner voice and the inner eye clear and open for the energy of the image to move through him from “the great house of invention”. 

Ted Fullerton is a Canadian artist working in painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. He has achieved awards in all four media. An on-going effort within his practice has been to symbolically confront social issues or situations where a pictorial language exemplifies an acceptance while also questioning and addressing truths, falsehoods, or generalizations around and of human existence. 

Virtual Gallery

Online until December 9, 2022!

Explore the exhibition in The Aurora Town Hall Gallery Space in this 360 Virtual Gallery. Feel like you’re there in person as you travel through the exhibition, seeing the scale of the artworks and how as they speak to each other.

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Art Bytes

Enhance your gallery experience with these activities and videos! We invite you to join us for an insider look into the creative process. Art Bytes is an online series that includes conversations with the exhibiting artists, behind-the-scene videos and family friendly art demos. Visit our Art Bytes page for current videos and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase a specific artwork during the exhibition period by clicking on the thumbnail of the image, and clicking the “Purchase this original artwork” link in the caption box.

These links will take you to our e-commerce page where you can pay for the artwork using Visa or Mastercard. Our gallery staff (info@auroraculturalcentre.ca) will provide you with shipping details via the email you have provided.

The Aurora Cultural Centre gallery team is the main contact for all gallery related questions and will get back to you via email within 2 business days. You can email the gallery at info@auroraculturalcentre.ca and you may include your phone number if you prefer.

Yes!  The exhibition is installed at the Aurora Town Hall at 100 John West Way, as well as existing as an online exhibition.  In person visits are allowed between October 1 – November 19 on Wednesday, Fridays or Saturdays between 10am-3pm. Drop-in’s only, no reservation needed!

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