Featured Image: Lillian Michiko Blakey, Sticky Rice 22,000: Out Of The Darkness Into The Darkness, mixed media – Sumi ink and Acrylic on Shoji paper, 40” x 200”

The Conversation: Seventeen Artists Join

July 31 – Oct 23, 2021

Artists share their creative gifts, thought processes that inspire their artwork and, the connections to the materials with which they work. An exhibit intended to build comfort in engaging with art and bring forth shared conversations with artists, it is filled with many mediums to ignite curiosities: wood, metal, clay, glass, textiles, oil, acrylic, and encaustic painting, drawing and photography.


Lynn Bishop with Tom Loach, Lillian Michiko Blakey, Carmel Brennan, Ann Cummings, D. Ahsén:nase Douglas, Jean Eng, Fly Freeman, Dorsey James, Bert Liverance, Lynne McIlvride, Francis Muscat, Christl Niemuller, Mark Puigmarti, Saundra Reiner, Ernestine Tahedl, Gayle Temple, and Judith Tinkl

Note from Curator and participating artist, Carmel Brennan:

As artists, we have a gift that allows us to create our artwork, limited only by the materials we use and our physical environments. As the poet, essayist, translator, and cultural critic Lewis Hyde said, “A gift is something we do not get by our own efforts. We cannot buy it; we cannot acquire it through an act of will. It is bestowed upon us.” He continues to say that the gift “is supposed to be given away…” (it) “must stay in motion”.

(Artists) thank you all for agreeing to participate in this upcoming exhibition, “The Conversation”. It is not a commercial venture though maybe for some of you, sales will be a by-product.

My aim in organizing this group exhibition is to encourage and allow you to share your gifts with viewers. I am organizing this program, but I am definitely not directing you in your paths. The sharing is encouraged but optional.

Virtual Gallery 

Explore the exhibition in The Aurora Town Hall Gallery Space in this 360 Virtual Gallery. Feel like you’re there in person as you travel through the exhibition, seeing the scale of the artworks and how as they speak to each other.

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Photo Gallery 

Featuring close-up photographs of each individual art piece in the exhibition.

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Artist Biographies & Statements

The Conversation is a group exhibition featuring many artists from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.  Click the buttons below to learn more about each artist.

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Art Bytes

Enhance your gallery experience with these activities and videos! We invite you to join us for an insider look into the creative process. Art Bytes is an online series that includes conversations with the exhibiting artists, behind-the-scene videos and family friendly art demos. Visit our Art Bytes page for current videos and activities.

Art Bytes

Frequently Asked Questions

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The exhibition is installed at the Aurora Town Hall at 100 John West Way and exists as an online exhibition only until the Aurora Town Hall has re-opened to the public.

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