WEEK 1 | July 3-7

The Wonderful World of Nature and Animals

This week campers will take their artistic inspiration from nature. From art projects about the deep blue sea, to plein air painting sessions, campers will learn how to see art in their everyday lives.


WEEK 2 | July 10-14

Artistic Imaginations

This week is all about fantasy, myths and legends. Campers will discover how to create cool art pieces based on unicorns, dragons, mermaids, monsters, and so much more! This whimsical week will be sure to ignite your child’s imagination!


WEEK 3 | July 17-21

Colour Around Us

Dress for mess! This week is all about using big and bold splashes and pops of colour to create bright and imaginative pieces. Campers will learn how to mix colours, create light and dark hues, and discover which colours help each other pop out and step back.


WEEK 4  | July 24-28

Sculpt It!

Get your hands messy this week! Campers will design and create 3D pieces using items such as clay, model magic, and found objects. They will work with a variety of tools to discover unique properties of these unconventional mediums.


WEEK 5 | July 31 – August 4

Art Around the Globe

Take a voyage of discovery around the globe to learn about how different artforms have been created around the world. Campers will gain insight into a variety of cultures this week.

WEEK 6 | August 8-11 *Short Week, Tuesday – Friday*

Faces & Places

Using a variety of materials, drawing styles, and artistic expressions, students will look at famous portraits and landscapes done by artists from around the world. Campers will discover how they can relate to art through their own unique lens and learn how to express their personalities through line, shape, and colour!

WEEK 7 | August 14-18

Art Through the Ages

Travel to the past to discover how art has changed throughout history and be inspired to create pieces based on key art movements, from Renaissance to Realism and everything in between and beyond!

WEEK 8 | August 21-25

Famous Artists & Their Styles

Delve into the styles and techniques used by some of the most famous artists in history. From da Vinci to Dali, campers will learn about various mediums and experiment with recreating iconic artworks, each with their own unique flair.

WEEK 9 | August 28 – September 1

Now Streaming: Future Artists!

Lights! Camera! Action!  Learn how to tell your character’s story through visual art.  Campers will take inspiration from their favourite movie characters, and create their own, using various art materials and techniques.

*Please note activities outlined in the weekly theme descriptions may vary*

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