Art Bytes

Mayor’s Celebration of Youth Arts 2021 | Saturday, March 6 to Saturday, May 1, 2021

Now that you’ve seen all the incredible student artwork, enhance your gallery experience with Art Bytes! Art Bytes are an ongoing online content series that gives viewers a way to connect more with the featured artwork and artists.

Enjoy this insider look into the creative process. There is something of interest for everyone! Please check back often for additional Art Bytes throughout the 8-week exhibition.

Welcome to MCOYA 2021

Welcome to the Mayor’s Celebration of Youth Arts, celebrating Aurora’s Class of 2021. We’re delighted to welcome Town of Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas as he congratulates the students on their work. In addition, we welcome Corporate Sponsor Cheryl Shindruk, Executive Vice President of Geranium Homes as they once again voice their support for youth art in our community. With introductions from MCOYA Lead, Christina DiPaola, and closing remarks from Aurora Cultural Centre Executive Director, Suzanne Haines. The Aurora Cultural Centre is honoured to share this exhibition with you, and invite you to enjoy the virtual show.

Student Stories

Getting to hear the stories and inspiration behind the student artwork of this exhibition, has always been one of the best parts of the MCOYA program. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to hear from a few of the student artists as they share with us their unique stories and the thinking behind their artworks in the exhibition.

Student Stories: Alexandrea & Kaida

Student Stories: Hannah & Gracie

Student Stories: Stephanie & Julia

Behind the Scenes of Installing MCOYA21

You’ve seen the show, now see the process of how it all came together! Get an inside look at installation of the art exhibition and discover how the Gallery Team received, processed, and hung the student artwork in Aurora Town Hall. Get a glimpse of what takes to get all the work into the building and up on the walls!

The Aurora Cultural Centre Presents: It Is Hard To Say by Ronnie Clarke

As a very special addition to the exhibition, we are delighted to present, for a limited time only, this performance piece from former Aurora High School student and current contemporary artist Ronnie Clarke. It is Hard to Say was first performed by Ronnie Clarke in the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre in London, Ontario. It was performed alongside a larger video installation focusing on the movement of two flags. The works in this installation investigated how the body might carry language through the operation of flags. The movement between object, symbol and signal allows for oscillation in the dancer-object relationship. The flags create a binary framework for motion and dance to exist as something both analog and digital.

Ask an Artist!

Listen as contemporary artist Ronnie Clarke answers real questions sent in by this year’s exhibiting MCOYA students!

Ronnie is a Toronto based mixed media artist who blends choreography, movement, video, and installation. She is also a former Aurora High School graduate and had participated in 2013’s Youth Arts Exhibition here at The Centre.

Ronnie’s practice explores how language becomes translated and mediated in the digital age. Using choreographed movement her work investigates technology’s role in our interactions with others. Clarke has exhibited at numerous venues during her ever-growing career, such as Forest City Gallery in London, Trinity Square Video, Xpace Cultural Centre, and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. She has also recently participated in a number of online gallery exhibitions this past year.

Thank you and enjoy!

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