KITS School Booking Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in ranking your selection for a Kaleidoscope in the Schools (KITS) performance at your school. *PLEASE NOTE: Aurora Cultural Centre staff will follow up with all inquiries to discuss the details around confirming a KITS performance/workshop and date. We ask that you please complete each section as outlined. Questions? Email
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  • Kaleidoscope in the Schools Performances

    Please review the 2021/22 performances. For more information about the KITS performances this season please visit *Please note: We encourage you to select the content/themes which you believe will resonate most with your students. Should a show need to be pushed off due to COVID or other factors, we will re-schedule and notify you.
  • Please rank your performance selections from most desired to least (1: most desired; 3: least desired). Please note your show will be on one single date during the provided date range.
  • Touring Dates: Scheduled for May 4 & 5
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  • Touring Dates: Scheduled for May 10-13
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