Art Bytes

Enhance your gallery experience with Art Bytes! Art Bytes is an ongoing web series that invites viewers to connect further with our art exhibitions and various community projects. Tune in to this page for behind-the-scenes footage of exhibition curation, art installation, artist talks, studio visits, and more!  

Art Bytes are proudly sponsored by Apples Suites Office Spaces. Thank you for your continued support!  

Latest Art Bytes

Perennial Darkness

A themed group exhibition meditating on the theme of darkness, as related to the prolonged nights within our winter season.  

(Coming Soon!) Art Byte #1: Artist-Poet Gathering with WCYR

Poets from the WCYR were invited to the exhibition to converse with the artists and respond to the featured artworks. Dialogues that emerged from this gathering are on view in-gallery as part of Perennial Darkness.   

(Coming Soon!) Art Byte #2: Foraging and Installation with Janet Hinkle

Janet Hinkle, artist behind exhibited work Storm Cloud, describes the interests and origins within her evolving artistic practice that converge natural materials with man-made objects.   

(Coming Soon!) Art Byte #3: Unveiling Perennial Darkness

A recap of the evening celebrating the opening of our winter exhibition, Perennial Darkness. Fitting the exhibition name, the public reception commenced shortly after the sun set for the day 

(Coming Soon!) Art Byte #4: Q & A with Molly Steels

Recent graduate Molly Steels speaks about the natural deterioration and malleability of memory through her artistic process that uses bleach against sentimental photographs.  

Past Art Bytes

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