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Enhance your gallery experience with Art Bytes! Art Bytes is an ongoing web series that invites viewers to connect further with our art exhibitions and various community projects. Tune in to this page for behind-the-scenes footage of exhibition curation, art installation, artist talks, studio visits, and more!  

Art Bytes are proudly sponsored by Apples Suites Office Spaces. Thank you for your continued support!  

Latest Art Bytes


Mayor’s Celebration of Youth Arts 2024

Art Byte #1: Final Installation Party

As part of the MCOYA tradition, participating students are invited to curate their exhibition alongside peers. This year is no different, 25 students assembled MCOYA24 together through teamwork, ambition, and elbow grease.   

Art Byte #2: Meet Kyle, Amanda, and Elise

Meet grade 12 students Kyle Lam, Amanda Seguel Rodgers, and Elise Mazzawi from G.W. Williams S.S., Aurora High School, and École secondaire catholique Renaissance respectively. Each student shares their creative intention and process behind their exhibiting artworks in MCOYA24.  

Art Byte #3: Meet Romy, Jem, and Zenyx

Introducing grade 12 students Jem Mabee from G.W. Williams S.S., Zenyx Crombez, and Romy Barakat from École secondaire catholique Renaissance. Their story, inspiration, and dedication to their artistic practice can be seen through their artworks exhibiting in MCOYA24.

Past Art Bytes

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