Welcome to Flowers in the Park, a solo exhibition by contemporary mixed media artist, Sangmin Lee. We are pleased to feature both Lee’s wall art and his installation, Towers in the Park.  The artist uses sculptural techniques such as engraving on wood panels.  Unlike traditional art making, Lee’s installation exists between the concepts of painting and sculpture.

In his installation, he uses ordinary objects and encourages the viewer to reimagine them.  Like an abstract painting, each object’s placement is a brush stroke and the space is his canvas.  The artist finds beauty in the ordinary and romanticizes the familiar rice bags of his own culture into pillow cases. We the viewer have to make sense of a state of flux, transition and the human story of migration. The central piece of Flowers in the Park, Lee’s installation, includes a blue rose leftover from a previous installation, green leaves from a project not yet imagined, and broken glass shards that are fragments of what was once a whole vase.  The human story is a history of migration that resonates with us all and the artist exposes cultural disconnection,

The artist leaves the viewer with more questions than answers and an emotional response to our shared history. The past, present and future is encapsulated in the moment. What questions, conversation  and emotions does this installation evoke in you?   We invite you to take on the challenge and enjoy the moment.

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Artist Statement

Sangmin Lee Headshot

Invented by Le Corbusier, Towers in the Park was a style of urban apartment dwellings popular across North American cities in the 60s and 70s. Typically, they are large enclosures of rectangular brick apartments spaced between green lawns and concrete sidewalks. With thoughts of utopia, it was meant to accommodate large populations despite little room else for infrastructure and ornamentation.

St. James Town (Toronto, ON) is Canada’s most densely populated community and was modelled after ‘Towers in the park’. It was originally built for a young middle class population but lacked appeal and in their absence became a hub for new immigrant families. Now, with a dense and diverse majority immigrant population it is sometimes known as “the world within a block”. In-between its walls of plaster and parquet floor tiles are where stories of integration, displacement, and cultural survival unfold. Here, within the margins of representation, is where the artist’s own story begins.

The exhibition-titled piece, Flowers in the Park takes inspiration from Towers in the Park and my life in St. James Town. This series of wood panels describe a single panoramic landscape using drywall compound and wood filler. Roses, as seen on rice bags, are engraved as cultural ornamentation on once bare plaster. Sky, ground, mountains, and towers overlap, while interweaving references to traditional Canadian and Korean landscape painting through this contemporary reimagination.


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