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The Aurora Cultural Centre welcomes you to enjoy the WeeFestival from the comfort of your home!

Only one ALL ACCESS PASS per household needed to view four wonderful performances for children aged 2.5+ (and their grownups) that can be accessed anytime during the festival (May 24th at 10:00 am – May 30th at 8:00 pm.)

Shows are pre-recorded and between 15 and 45 minutes long.

Included in the ALL ACCESS PASS:

Co-production: Compañía Aranwa (Chile) and Comedia Köln Theater (Germany)
Genre: Music/Dance/Puppetry
Runtime: 43 minutes

A musical and visual feast! The cycles of life, like the cycles of nature are celebrated in this festive production that combines music and dance from Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile to create a captivating performance for young children.

Production: Théâtre de la Guimbarde & Soleil Theatre (Burkina Faso)
Genre: Music Theatre
Runtime: 30 minutes

A woman is searching for a new place to call home, along the way, she meets a traveling musician who joins her on a shared musical path that crosses borders of culture and language.

Taama – “Journey” in the Dioula language of Burkina Faso – brings together a Burkinabe singer and a Breton violinist in a colourful world that mixes traditional rhymes and classical melodies.  Friendship and play discovered through the universal language of music!

Old Man and the River
Production: Weefestival (Canada)
Genre: Puppetry
Runtime: 30 minutes

This hilarious and heartwarming show unfolds in a storybook world where rivers sing, trees laugh, and curious dragonflies come to visit. Old Man and the River, a favourite of children and families returns for the long weekend to charm and delight!

Production: ThinkArts (India)
Genre: Sensory Film
Runtime: 23 minutes

In a collection of short stimulating sensory films, Dreamscape (at Home) takes the child on a visual and audio journey through the sensory-rich materials of paper, wool, clay, and the dreamy worlds of forest and sky.

Accompanying resources support caregivers and educators to create sensory worlds in their homes or nurseries.

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