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Sunday | December 10 | 10:00 am – 3:00 pm | Ages 16+

Location: Aurora Town Hall, 3rd Floor Program Room, 100 John West Way – Enter from the Upper/North side

Joyfully dive in and get your hands dirty in this introduction to relief printmaking. Participants will learn how to create, carve, and print your very own LinocutYour hand carved linoleum block can be used for many projects including cards, t-shirts, quilting squares tea towels wall art, and much more. Tools, paper and ink will be supplied

All tools and materials provided upon payment of $15.00 Materials Fee.  Materials Fee payable to instructor at class.

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Maryam Pazoki (MSc.) is a visual artist, educator, and researcher, holds an MSc in Visual Art from Tsukuba University, Japan. With a diverse teaching career spanning Iran, Japan, and Canada, she brings a global perspective to her art. Maryam’s paintings, featured in galleries and universities, showcase her versatile and culturally infused style. A dynamic presenter, she covers topics from “Women in Medicine in Iran” to “Gender and Justice in Stem Cell Research.” Her academic contributions delve into Japanese aesthetics and medical ethics. Through solo shows in Japan and Canada, Maryam transcends borders, seamlessly blending cultural influences into her expressive creations. 

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