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Ages 16+ | Fridays | 8 weeks | 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm | January 26 – March 15, 2024

Location: Aurora Town Hall, 3rd Floor Program Room, 100 John West Way – Enter from the Upper/North side

For those with some prior experience in painting, an intermediate level course is offered, delving into oil techniques. Alongside traditional methods of color blending with oil, advanced students discover the fascinating method of incorporating cold wax into their mixtures. This addition provides the potential to create even denser and thicker layers of paint. Furthermore, the versatile palette knife is introduced as a tool for both spreading and scratching colors, enabling students to conjure up magnificent scenes with their newfound skills.

Meet Your Instructor 

Rahil Ghandichaleshtori:  With over 30 years of diverse painting experience, I am proficient in various mediums, including Oil, Acrylics, Chalk pastels, and Oil pastels, my expertise extends to the elements of design and modern principles of art. As an art educator, I have honed my abilities in nurturing students’ creative expression in visual forms. My artistic journey has taken me from Iran to Canada, where I continue to pursue my passion for art and inspire others through teaching. My work has graced art galleries and competitions in both Iran and Canada, showcasing my dedication to the world of visual arts. 

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