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We invite you to join us for an insider look into the creative process! Art Bytes is an online series that features conversations, videos and art demos with the artists from
BEYOND THE WALLS: The Uxbridge Artist Collective Online Exhibition and Sale. Art Bytes will be posted on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. To tune in simply visit our social channels below on the scheduled date.


Art Bytes | In Conversation with Charles Stevens & Carol Grant Stevens

Thursday, August 27 | 2 pm

Join Carmel Brennan and Clare Bolton in a lively conversation with artists south of the border. Charles Stevens and Carol Grant Stevens join us from Tennessee to discuss painting the Ontario landscape and connecting with artists from the Uxbridge Artist Collective. Engage with Clare Bolton, Gallery Manager, in the Facebook comments from 2pm-3pm.


Charles Stevens

Charles Stevens lives and works in Crossville, Tennessee. After attending Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design for sculpture, he became a graphic artist for thirty-four years, and concurrently for the last 13 years, as a wedding and portrait photographer with his wife Carol. Stevens’ first passion is sculpture. However, his partner in art convinced him to scale things down and create pieces for personal adornment, so he has been focusing on jewelry. Stevens initially was using a ZBrush 3D modeling software for object creation, and then 3D printing the work. This was because he thought that would separate himself from what other folks are doing, but he found that it is costly to experiment in that material. Carol again suggested he begin working with Polymer Clay, a less expensive medium.

Charles Stevens has been working with Polymer Clay for a short time (2 years), so he feels that his capabilities are still in the development stages. That said, his excitement for the medium is vast! The majority of his beads are hand fashioned to match the coloration of the principal element of the piece, interspersed with natural stones or glass beads for textural and visual variety. The finish on the principal bead elements are most often wet hand sanded and buffed to a high gloss, rather than applying another material, such as a spray varnish which could wear off or introduce more surface defects.


Carol Stevens

Carol Stevens begged to take Saturday morning art classes at a very young age. Following that passion, she graduated from University of Wisconsin with a broad field art education degree. An art teacher of thirty years, and professional photographer for 13 years with husband Charlie, Stevens now enjoy retirement, painting and traveling. Having a photographer’s eye, she look for the light in each composition.

Her painting has been highly influenced by portrait photography and en plein air painting experiences. Commonly a figure or two appear in most works, and are not meant to be photographically real, but instead leaning toward an impression. Technically, she frequently finds herself laying down blocks of color accomplished in acrylic, then over painting with water-based oil paint. Stevens says she likes to see a bit of the sparkle of the underpainting come through the final layers.




BEYOND THE WALLS: The Uxbridge Artist Collective Online Exhibition and Sale
Co-curators | Carmel Brennan & Clare Bolton
Monday, June 15 to Saturday, September 26, 2020

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