October 30, 2021 – February 5, 2022

Constellations is a solo exhibition presenting the intricate and colourful vinyl and acrylic artworks by award winning emerging artist Emily Carriere. Through experimentation and intuition, Carriere’s creates abstract images with intricately cut and layered patterns and shapes. Placing value in the process of creating as much as the final content, she continuously reworks and reimagines her ever evolving pieces. This exhibition of all new works, will immediately draw you in with its bright colours, sparkle and shine, overlapped with the repeated use of organic yet symmetrical forms. We are thrilled to be hosting Carriere’s first solo exhibition outside of Toronto.

Virtual Gallery

Explore the exhibition in The Aurora Town Hall Gallery Space in this 360 Virtual Gallery. Feel like you’re there in person as you travel through the exhibition, seeing the scale of the artworks and how as they speak to each other.

To use the Virtual Gallery:

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  • Please visit the Photo Gallery to experience the full impact of the original artworks
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Photo Gallery 

  • Due to the size of the collection, the art has been organized in three sections.  Click the buttons below to see each section
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  • For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a desktop computer and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser

Small round works sized 2.5” – 6.75” in diameter of printed imagery, hand-cut patterned vinyl with poured and layered resin.

Round works sized 7” or more in diameter of printed imagery, hand-cut pattered vinyl with poured and layered resin.

Named after the family of constellations better known to be associated with horoscopes, this collection ranges in size, shape, and presentation. Custom shaped and cut poured resin, framed vinyl collages and an extra-large specialty cut hanging-sculpture.

Full List of Available Artwork for Purchase

Artist Statement

My work explores the notion that the final element completing a work of art is the viewer. The artworks feature beautifully intricately cut and layered forms, refraining from any direct reference and yet feeling ingrained with familiarity and meaning. The juxtaposition of organic and symmetrical forms manipulated through technology, my own hand and the use of both traditional and commercial materials creates ambiguous, enticing & eerie forms reminiscent of Rorschach blots. Ultimately the viewers interpretation imbues the work of art with emotion and meaning.

The process of my work is as equally important as the content. I let the work reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. I am always reworking and transitioning the work over time until it grows. This continuously reprocessing, reworking, reimagining means this work will never be complete. The pieces of art become a part of an ever-changing and growing body of work.

Artist Biography

Artist Emily Carrier Headshot

Emily Carriere resides in Toronto where she works as an artist. She creates intricate cut out vinyl and acrylic artworks. She works intuitively, letting the process take over, which allows the work to reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. The results are abstract images which can be interpreted an endless variety of ways depending on the viewers experiences, memories, and histories.


Art Bytes

We invite you to join us for an insider look into the creative process with our Art Bytes series! Art Bytes is an online series of videos and activities that enhance the gallery experience by featuring accompanying content such as conversations with the artists and behind-the-scenes videos. Visit our Art Bytes page to find out more by clicking the button below.

Art Bytes

Frequently Asked Questions

The exhibition is installed at the Aurora Town Hall at 100 John West Way and exists as an online exhibition only until the Aurora Town Hall has re-opened to the public.

You can purchase a specific artwork by clicking on the thumbnail of the image, and clicking the “Purchase this original artwork” link in the caption box, or you can browse all of the artworks for sale here:  All available work.

These links will take you to our e-commerce page where you can pay for the artwork using Visa or Mastercard.  Artwork pick-up/shipping details will be confirmed by Gallery Manager upon purchase.  Extra charges may be applicable.

The Aurora Cultural Centre gallery team is the main contact for all gallery related questions and will get back to you via email the same business day. You can email the gallery at info@auroraculturalcentre.ca and you may include your phone number if you prefer.

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