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Enhance your gallery experience with Art Bytes! Art Bytes is an ongoing web series that invites viewers to connect further with our art exhibitions and various community projects. Tune in to this page for behind-the-scenes footage of exhibition curation, art installation, artist talks, studio visits, and more!  

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Latest Art Bytes

Inspirations from a Space of Healing

A multisite exhibition displayed at Hillary House National Historic Site and Aurora Town Hall (Upper/North Entrance)

Art Byte #1: Create, Curate & Collaborate

In this video, we invite viewers for a behind the scenes view of the creation, curation, and installation Inspirations from a Space of Healing. Installed between two sites, Hillary House and Town Hall, this exhibition required a keen eye in placing each artwork as well as multiple historic artifacts in the proper settings. 

We would like to thank the Aurora Museum and Archives for allowing us to use their display cases for the exhibition, as well as their assistance in installing the exhibition.  

Art Byte #2: Inspirations with Kevin McBean

SOYRA artist Kevin McBean discusses how the 1917 correspondence between members of the Hillary Family inspired his work “These Are Healing Times”. Having grown up in a historical home similar in age as Hillary House, Kevin has always been inspired by writings from the past.   

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Art Byte #3: Inspirations with Melinda Schnalzer

SOYRA artist Melinda Schnalzer discusses the inspiration of her artwork, “Repose in the Music Room”, and the parallels between the practice of a doctor and an artist towards the various processes of healing. 

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Art Byte #4: Inspirations with Karin Adams

SOYRA artist Karin Adams discusses the inspiration Hillary House had on her works “The Doctor’s Toolkit”, “Crutches at the Door” and “The Wraparound Verandah”. From medical instruments to crutches, to the exterior of the house, Karin imagines the Hillary House from the perspectives of the people who once walked the halls. Having grown up in Aurora, she has a love for the town and for its history, which she loves sharing through her practice.

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A site-specific art installation in the front foyer at Aurora Family Leisure Complex.

Art Byte #1: Tracey-Mae Chambers on #hopeandhealingcanada (Part 1)

In this Art Byte Tracey-Mae answers questions about the formation of the #hopeandhealingcanada series, her thoughts behind the title, and, the challenges and enjoyment of working site specifically.   

Art Byte #2: Tracey-Mae Chambers on #hopeandhealingcanada (Part 2)

In this Art Byte Tracey-Mae discusses her ‘goals’ for #hopeandhealingcanada, the site–specificity of the Aurora Family Leisure Complex, and the artwork’s significance to truth & reconciliation. 

Past Art Bytes

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