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School Visits

Educational Guided Tours

Grades 3 to 12 | Duration 2 Hours | 2 Locations
Aurora Cultural Centre (22 Church Street, Aurora)
Newmarket Old Town Hall (460 Botsford Street, Newmarket)

Art for Social Change is a way in which contemporary artists, curators, activists, and other
socially driven individuals are using different mediums of art to respond to current day politics,
events, ideologies, and concerns.

The goal of exhibiting socially driven art is to challenge established beliefs by stimulating the
audience to think critically, and act. Through the process of reframing, reflection, dialogue and
engagement, the audience may become inspired to lead social change.

During April and June 2019, the Aurora Cultural Centre and the Old Town Hall are offering joint
art-based educational programs for students grade 3 to 12 where learning in the galleries can
enhance and further classroom teachings of the Ontario School Curriculum.

On this half-day tour, students will receive a guided tour of the current exhibitions at both
locations, which are unique yet complement each other.

Themed Tours Available

• Mental Health and Environmental Issues
(Available April 2019)
This educational program examines two pressing issues, the health of our planet and our mental
health through the lens of Arts and Science.
• Showcasing Indigenous Artists & Highlighting Cultural Issues
(Available June 2019)
Students will learn about Indigenous culture through visual art where cultural identity,
self-expression and sacred teachings are presented from the perspectives of First Nations people
and local communities.

What students will learn:

• Basic art and design principles as they tour the gallery space
• Perspectives of current social issues
• How artists communicate their ideas through art with discussions about the artist(s), art work,
style, message, and overall presentation
• To make their own interpretation of the visual information presented and express their own
• To relate their in-gallery learning and experience back to social activism in the community

Cost: $10 per person | Min. Group Size 10, Max. 30 people
2 weeks in advance for bookings please

Duration: 1 hour at each location plus 15 minutes transit time.
Choose your starting location

To book a tour:

Please note that spaces are limited.

Contact Clare Bolton, Gallery Manager at  |  905 713 1818  Ext. 224