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For inquiries, please contact Town of Aurora Curator Shawna White at 905-505-1190, or swhite@aurora.ca

The re-birth of the Aurora Museum & Archives is an exciting time for culture and heritage within the Town. The Aurora Collection, transferred from the Aurora Historical Society to the Town of Aurora in 2014, contains a wealth of important archival and artifact material. It is truly a portal into the story and development of the Town as well as a window into the changing character of Canadian identity through a regional lens. Community founders, their stories, artifacts, buildings, and monuments are essential to the character of a place. So too are the multitude of life stories of those who arrived through the generations to the present. The Aurora Museum & Archives will provide a home for these continuing stories.


Current Display

In celebration of the Year of Sport in Aurora, the inaugural exhibition, A Legacy of Sport examines the long connection of sport to the Town of Aurora. Archival records indicate that beginning in the 1800′s sporting competitions took place as part of larger local events such as fairs or reunions. Whenever there was a gathering of people there was sure to be a football match, foot races, or a baseball tournament. Local businesses also formed teams to compete against each other including the Collis Leather Hockey Team and the Sisman Shoes Baseball Team. Throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as an interest in physical education and competitive sport grew so too did the number of school athletic teams. This is strongly represented in the history of St. Andrew’s College as well as the archival images of various Aurora High School sport teams. As the twentieth century progresses in Aurora numerous sports organizations and clubs began to be established. At present there are over thirty-five sport orientated organizations in town offering athletic opportunities from early childhood through to later adult life. This exhibition is but a sampling of what Aurora has to offer.


Museum Hours & Location

Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm

Wednesday: 10 am to 8 pm

* Note: The Town of Aurora’s Museum is located in the South East corner of the second floor at the Aurora Cultural Centre

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