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Most spaces within the centre are for rent. Please email us at info@auroraculturalcentre.ca with a subject line of OUR SPACES.

Please note: We regret that the Centre is unable to accept bookings for weddings and wedding receptions.

The powerful red wall of the Meridian Gallery provides a dramatic backdrop for art and events.

At 1005 square feet, this gallery is located on the main floor of the Centre in the south west corner. It is equipped with gallery lighting and a state of the art wall hanging system. With sunny environs and location beside the front entrance of the Centre, this space is highly desired. Several of the Centre’s instructional arts programs take place here where students are inspired by the changing gallery shows surrounding them.

This beautiful gallery has welcomed community events, drawing & watercolour classes, small musical groups, public meetings, pottery sales and of course an ever changing landscape of gallery exhibitions.

The Blue Gallery is identified by its signature blue wall and its state of the art gallery lighting, and is our primary gallery space. Blue Gallery benefits from modern translucent blinds between the outer and inner windows to further reduce light if required. Slightly larger than Meridian Gallery, this beautiful space is 1102 sq. feet and creates a stunning gallery experience. While primarily a space for the display of art and artifacts, Blue Gallery has also hosted art receptions, silent auctions, workshops, and corporate luncheons.

Apple Suites Gallery is strategically located in the midst of all the happenings at the Centre; on the main floor in the busy main entrance area. It is a welcoming space that encourages one to enjoy intimate experiences with the art it showcases.

This dramatic space entered by the Centre’s historic staircase (or modern elevator) has proven itself to be a lively gallery. Located on the second level, this 1014 sq foot gallery is in the midst of the action taking place in the Centre’s large adjoining performance space (Brevik Hall). Here we have hosted wonderful art exhibition receptions, small musical ensembles, community fundraisers and corporate rentals.