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march, 2018

sat10mar - 5mayAll DayBotanicaExhibition of new works by Julia Hacker(All Day)


March 10 (Saturday) - May 5 (Saturday)


Event Details

Abstracted botanical life is invigorated through Ms. Hacker’s interpretations on large canvases. Magically bright oils and metallic mixed media combine to create inspirational pieces that speak to the life cycle, daily meditations of growth and discovery.

Message from the Julia

At some point of my life I became interested in the way the world works outside of the context of human society. The study of the picture of the world fascinates me. In universal meaning we all exist on an equal footing with the flora and fauna. When a person enters into the “big” world, the scale, the ratio change. I stoped dismissing plants, growing at the side of the road. It is a whole different colourful world out there. The closer I get, more I discover. Colours, shapes looks like pieces of mosaic and at the same time all that chaos create a whole picture.While working on my almost abstract paintings-I meditate on intricacy of nature creations and feel humble with my attempt to share it.
My purpose is to engage the viewer, to draw out a sense of wonder and joy through the colours and textures of my work.

About the Artist

Julia Hacker is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of contemporary  mixed media, acrylic paint, collage and illustration. Julia also offers her artwork for rent/sale to  staging companies, real state agents  and interior designers.

Celebrate the opening of the exhibition! Friday March 23, 2018  | 6 – 8pm