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The building at 22 Church Street officially opened as a public school on September 30, 1886; within the first 2 years, Aurora’s first high school opened in two upper floor classrooms. Since that time, the “Aurora Public School” has functioned as a school board, a training institute, an overflow school, a museum, and now a multi-purpose centre of arts, culture and heritage.

So much vibrancy packed into these original bricks!

Look for an exciting roster of venues and walking tours throughout Aurora today. For information for sites throughout the town, visit www.aurora.ca

Come peek through our doors and celebrate how we incorporate arts, culture and heritage into a lively and relevant gathering hub in the middle of Aurora.

Free admission.

Building accessible; elevator entrance at the north glass doors.

An annual favourite on the Centre’s calendar!

Join us for a tribute to those who served abroad and at home,with an afternoon of songs, a poem or two and plenty of fellowship. Complimentary cake and coffee reception following the event.

Thanks to the Aurora Silver Star Singers from the Aurora Seniors Association for the gift of song.

All welcome; admission is at no charge. The Centre is accessible, with an elevator entrance at the north glass doors.

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In this talk about fine art photography, Peter Dusek and Clare Ross will talk about both the artistic and the practical aspects of being a fine art photographer. What is the difference between artistic photographs and fine art photography? How does one make the transition from enthusiast to art professional? How do fine art photographers “see” differently? Join us to hear two perspectives and then engage in a discussion that answers your questions.

Create your own unique greeting card with paper collage. Participate in the workshop or  drop by and watch the demo

Free workshop however pre-registration is required to participant  (maximum 6 participants, so call in advance!)

To register: 905 713 1818


All Free | All Welcome

Art Walk & Talk with Carmel Brennan, OSA

Learn a technique to produce multicoloured watercolour prints from a single carved block.

Ways of Seeing

All Free * pre-registration is required for this workshop and is intended for 16+
Call to register: 905 713 1818

Each registrant is required to bring a box of watercolour paints, brushes and X-Acto knife

The 2016 Re-Encounter expedition in Haida Gwai- which set out in search of an undocumented totem pole-took an unexpected turn when the object of this Quest was ‘ReEncountered’ almost immediately, on the first day of the journey.

What now? The real treasure, the group discovered, was not so much this long lost artifact-the elusive Killer Whale/Thunderbird Memorial pole- but a living culture and an indomitable, independent, creative spirit.  The ‘Watchman’, in particular, inspired a rethinking of the team’s experience in this place, and a reassessment of the role of artists everywhere-the eyes of our society. Short film followed by discussion.


All Free | All Welcome


All Free | All Welcome

The artist, Anthony Batten will talk about his objectives, working methods and the unique encounters he had while creating paintings (on site) of the interiors of the iconic Canadian national historic site.

Mingle and chat with the artists of the Ontario Society of Artists!

Many of the artists will be in attendance. Light refreshments will be available.

With one of Canada’s oldest artist group celebrating their 145th anniversary and Canada commemorating their 150th year of Confederation, this is the best opportunity to view and purchase thought-provoking, intriguing and engaging art by Ontario’s professional artists.  Art work displayed in this exhibition has or represents Canadian content through each artists’ technically proficient methods and unique perspectives.